Friday, April 25, 2008


Hi everyone,

Voice123 has heard from many of our talents, trying to complete their profiles, yet felt something very important was missing. They explained it, so Voice123 now has more languages to list as your native speaking language.

Yesterday we added Bosnian, Catalan, Serbian and Slovenian. Another request taken care of: we also modified "English British & European" & replaced it with "English British".

We hope you will update your profiles (if needed), at your earliest convenience to take advantage of the changes!

We appreciate your comments and suggestions, please post them below.


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Juan Salcedo
General Manager


Willem van den Top said...

Please let the next move be to distinguish Dutch as spoken in The Netherlands and Dutch as spoken in Belgium (also called Flemish). Like this:

- Dutch (Netherlands)
- Dutch (Belgium)

This way it will also help to avoid misunderstandings about the word 'Dutch' (some people think it means Deutsch as spoken in Germany).

The difference between Belgian Dutch and Netherlandic Dutch is somewhat the same as the difference between American English and British English. There is a mutual understanding but the sound and pronunciation are different. Also word choice and word order are definitely not the same in many cases.

Need I say more when I tell you that Belgian tv-series often have subtitles when broadcasted in The Netherlands?

Thank you,

Willem van den Top
from The Netherlands.

The Voice123 Team said...

Great idea! Will pass that along!