Thursday, August 02, 2007

The New Voice123 and SmartCast®

After many months of expectation and hard work, the New Voice123 was successfully released! With a completely new auditioning system, an improved interface and audio quality, less competition, and better matching of projects, Voice123 is now better than ever!

Some talents were afraid that since Voice123’s SmartCast® does a more accurate matching of projects, they would receive a lesser amount of auditions and in turn land fewer jobs. The truth is that after almost one month of its release, SmartCast® has shown that although talents receive fewer invitations to audition, their audition-to-booking ratio has improved significantly.

To demonstrate this, let me share some statistics with you. Before the release of SmartCast® -- as may still be the reality on other voice marketplaces -- only 34% of all submitted auditions were listened to by the voice seekers. Thus approximately two thirds of the auditions made by talents were a waste of time! Now, since the release of SmartCast®, we see that voice seekers are listening to more than half of the submitted auditions, improving the talents’ chances of being heard and their chances of being hired. As Voice123 tweaks and fixes some small bugs, and the system adjusts itself with more data, we are reviewing this statistic calculation and expect that number to increase as well.

The rating system is another concern among voice talents and producers. But talents who expect an average of good ratings for their auditions don’t need to worry, plus the rating is only one of many factors taken into account by the SmartCast® system, there are additional and more important factors weighing in to deliver the best voices to voice seekers.

With all these improvements, voice seekers are now seeing SmartCast® as a more useful tool to find the appropriate voice for their projects, meaning a better experience for the clients, who are willing to post more projects through Voice123’s free voice casting tool.

Voice123 has been listening to many suggestions from talents and voice seekers on how to keep improving SmartCast®, and we can foresee additional features in the coming months. We will keep the voice over community up to date with the upcoming features, many of them as a response to your suggestions.

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