Thursday, August 23, 2007

New Feature: Take Your Time


Some talents and voice producers have told us that they were rushing to create their auditions and proposals so that they could make the cut and submit it before a project would reach its limit of auditions and proposals received through SmartCast invitations. Since rushing for an audition will, most of the time, result in a lower quality, we challenged ourselves to come up with a solution. Here is what we did:

Starting today, when you decide to accept a SmartCast invitation to submit an audition or proposal, you will get 60 minutes to do it. We did this in the attempt to give you enough time to produce a quality audition.

You will be able to complete your submission even if the SmartCast audition/proposal limit for that project is reached while you are working on your audition. You can now feel comfortable submitting the best audition and proposal you can for every invitation you accept!

Please keep in mind the following as well:

  • You will be able to secure the 60-minute time frame as long as the SmartCast audition/proposal limit hasn’t been reached by the time you accept the invitation and as long as the project has more than 60 minutes before it reaches its date and time deadline.

  • This feature does not apply to direct invitations. When you get a direct invitation you WILL always be able to submit and audition or proposal even if the SmartCast limit for auditions or proposals is reached.

  • Voice seekers can always close projects manually and, as such, the 60 minute period may be cut short. This doesn’t happen frequently, though. Remember: projects don’t get closed when they reach the SmartCast audition/proposal limit. Projects get closed automatically, when the deadline is reached, or manually, when then voice seekers does it.

We hope you find this feature useful. Would you mind sharing your thoughts about this new feature by posting a comment on this blog?

Thank you for your feedback and continued support!


Voice123 - The Voice Marketplace
by Alex Torrenegra
Leader and Co-founder


Paul said...

I totally agree, since this new way of auditioning has arrived I find myself rushing auditions, thus not giving the best performance possible. I really appreciate you addressing this.

Anonymous said...

Hey Alex...LOVE IT! What a perfect solution! Thanks for doing this for us.

Melissa Reizian Frank

CraigB said...

This is all well and good, but please take away the screen that tells us about the
60-minute-limit" feature during the lead submission's just another roadblock toward efficiently getting the audition done.

I also wish you'd PLEASE remove the screen asking us if we really want to do the audition...if we didn't want to do it, we wouldn't have initiated the process.

You've done some great things with V123...but please stop putting in roadblocks that make it difficult and more time-consuming to use the new features.


Anonymous said...

that's a good idea. I've missed so many more audtions anyway with the new system. I just don't get to them in time.

D. P. Wood said...

This time limit revision is exactly what was called for--especially for those of us who don't get the work regularly as some of our other collegues do. In the beginning of "The New Voice123" this time limit was one of my major dislikes, but I learned to deal with it. I'm glad that the team has refined the way this situation is handled. Great work and thanks.

Anonymous said...

This is an excellent idea!
The only way it could be enhanced is by posting all auditions simultaneously at the end of the 60 minutes. If it isn’t a rush job for the voice seeker- waiting 60 minutes to open all auditions submitted during the initial time period will result in higher quality auditions and better matches. Regardless of any additional changes- I think this is an excellent move. CraigB also makes some very good points about the additional “hoops” one must go through to submit an audition.

Jeff said...

Alex, Great Idea! It's not only good for the talent it's great for Voice 123 giving everyone a better product

Barrett said...

That's a great idea. Makes perfect sense.

S. Cantwell said...

Thanks for this welcome revision. This will go a long way toward eliminating the "horse race" feel of the audition process. We can now relax and concentrate on giving our best performances without also having to play "beat the clock." I think craigb has a point about the advisory pages; perhaps some kind of advisory statement on the audition inbox page could serve the advisory pupose, with out the need to add addition steps to the audition process? In any case, great work on the whole. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! One Caveat to the new Voice123, though I have picked up jobs in the last couple weeks, yet it seems as if your algorithms kick in and auditions become fewer and fewer the more jobs you get. Please tell me I'm wrong. Thanks and God Bless, Leo

Anonymous said...

Good job ... works for me. I still think the rate should be posted with the email alert for an audition. This can help decide how quickly we SHOULD respond:)


Anonymous said...

I think this new feature is a great iprovement. Although I've never been "shut out" after I start responding, I've often wondered how long I have before the project would close out if the project to which I was responding had only a few auditions remaining from the "target" I DID rush. I would like to also request removing the "do you REALLY want to audition?" screen for the same reason as stated above. In addition, I'd also like to request removing the photo of the woman with her arms out in a "Sorry Pal, you're too late" pose when you try to submit an audition to a closed out project. Although se IS beautiful...I get a Homer Simpson "Dhoooh" feeling evey time I see her! Thanks for giving me a forum to express my opinion...I still appreciate the opprtunities I get to do VO thought V123!
Mike Coon said...

Thanks a lot for your feedback! We are definitely listening to your suggestions. This development was done thanks to comments received from our customers.

Thanks again!

The Voice123 Team