Wednesday, August 22, 2007

How Is Voice123 SmartCast® Doing?

It is doing great! The statistics speak by themselves:

  1. The average number of auditions or proposals each project receives in the New Voice123 is 32, significantly down from 100+ in the old Voice123. Having projects with too many auditions was the most common complain we received from talents or voice producers, and voice seekers. This reduction is great news for the entire industry!

  2. Voice seekers are now opening more than 80% of all the auditions they get, up from only 34% in the old system. This means less waste of your time and more chances of being heard if you are a premium subscriber.
The end result? Less competition between talents and voice producers on each project and a higher audition-to-booking ratio.

We will publish more stats soon!

Here is what other Voice123 users are saying:

"The old Voice123 was interesting, I would get a nibble for my services once in a while and the clients were all trying to get a deal on how little they could pay for a great voice over artist (such as myself) to create the perfect production. Then along came the new Voice123 and changed everything I was used to seeing in the way of leads for my business. Higher paying gigs, many more leads, and feedback from clients which helped me discern what a client really wanted. It is a change for the future of the online voice over marketplace."
Frank Frederick - Voice Over Talent and Coach

"The website looks a lot better than before, you guys have done a great job, we received lots of very good auditions, and the whole process was great. Thank you."
Norman Chung - Voice Seeker

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Voice123 - The Voice Marketplace
by Alex Torrenegra
Leader and Co-founder


jsgilbert said...

As an actor, I have always doen well with Voice123. The big change has been my booking ratio getting much better now that I'm not the 150th actor to post an audition.

--j.s. gilbert

Anonymous said...

The quality of the audition requests have greatly improved. Would still like to see more ratings from the voice seekers after they hear our auditions so that we can receive honest feedback from out there.

Anonymous said...

I love the new voice 123. I'm getting more direct invitations than ever before...and I love being able to see when the client opens my audition. I just wish more of them would give us ratings. I've noticed that more than half of them don't even rate your audition....It would just help us to know what we're doing right and what we're doing wrong. I've gotten more jobs in the last couple of months than I have in a year.

Anonymous said...

I am happy to get less, more appropriate leads and have had a few jobs this month, which is great.
I find the asterisks in the script, which hide the name of the company very annoying though. I have to copy and paste then make up a name for the company - in order to get a smooth read.
generally, a great improvement!

Dustin R. Ebaugh said...

I think the new Voice123 is GREAT! I have booked more jobs since the new version came on line than the previous two years I was a member combined! The jobs pay better and I like the feedback system and "opened audition" notification. I only wish more clients would use the rating system and open all their auditions. Overall, the new Voice123 is a HUGE improvement! :) said...

Thank you everyone for your comments! We are very happy to hear that our efforts are working out for you!

Greville said...

The new system is great and I particularly like to be told what seekers think of my recording. Could you allow the 'printable version' to be available earlier in the invitation without having to go through the whole? It would save time.

Bettye Zoller said...

I am very pleased to see that the stats on auditions are "average of 32 per voice seeker." Yes, I've noticed that the number is way down. Being a producer myself as well as a voice talent, I can say that I would NOT have the time or the stamina to listen to 125 plus (or more...under the old system...) voice auditioners. Simply too many! This is better.

Bettye Zoller said...

I am still hoping for more ratings from voice seekers and for more auditions being "opened by the voice seeker." But I'm happy to say that it is IMPROVING over what it was when SmartCast first began last month. Now, I would love to hear that Voice123 has at least given voice seekers a "gentle nudge" to please please open promptly as possible and please rate the talents because they truly care!" Has this been done? All of us who are business owners occasionally ask our clientele (politely) to help us in certain ways. I believe this request should go out to voice seekers periodically as a reminder.

Anonymous said...

I agree 100% with Bettye's comments. Nobody believed that seekers listened to 120+ auditions, and the old system just cheapened the V123 image.

When the new system begain, I was concerned to see how many auditions were not opened. Lord knows what it must have been like in the 120+ days (this was, of course, hidden from us then). And it is disappointing to see that seekers can't spare a few seconds to give us a rating - we can only improve by getting feedback.

Although V123 can't give a financial incentive to encourage quick openings and ratings, the "gentle nudge" Bettye speaks of is important. Could there be a 'tick-box' on the client's screen headed 'Rated Yes/No' for the client to check before his screen would close? This would be a continual reminder...

Tony Reeves