Thursday, February 04, 2010

Job Opportunity at

Many of you following us on Twitter @Voice123 may have seen this last week that Voice123 is looking to fill positions for Account Executives and Customer Service Specialists at Voice123.

If you are interested take a look here for instructions on how to apply.

In Voice123, you will be assisting voice talent, and voice seekers with usage of Voice123, as well as other tasks contributing to the growth of Voice123. This is an exciting, full-time gig, and I have written many times before that this job is rewarding, educational, and a chance to help others achieve career goals, while meeting fascinating people from around the world!

Thank you for your time!

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Steven Lowell
Public Relations Manager
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Shedman said...

Hi Stephen
As a relative newcomer to Voice123 (wish I had found you guys sooner) this Job Opportunity is very interesting and "right up my street" in terms of employment history and training. However I would really like to know more of how the job will operate i.e. marketing, referals of clients and remuneration of course. Can you email me the information?