Friday, January 22, 2010

Using Voice Overs to Turn Lives Around

Last week a voice over talent, Joseph Clark, contacted Voice123 with an interesting idea. As many voice talent on Voice123 know, we have a program offering Voice123 trials to children. You can read about that here from a previous blog.

Joseph Clark approached us with the idea of using such a trial to help Carson Creek High School, a court school within the Sacramento County Boys Ranch. The students are 13 to 18 years old boys that have committed various crimes, and are now looking to turn their lives around. What Mr.Clark seeks is to equip the students in his classes with the information they need to succeed in whatever interests they have pertaining to audio. Whether it be radio, voice over, sound engineering, live sound, etc, he is trying to give them the tools to succeed in a career when they are released. In cooperation with Voice123, he will be using SmartCast to directly invite his profile for one audition per week with his students to give them insight into recording voice overs, and sound engineering; a run-through of the online casting process.

Joseph Clark states:

"One great thing about my class is that students that go through it tend to come back to the ranch less than other students. It is a bright spot for them everyday and many of them do have the talent to work in the audio world in some fashion."

Voice123 has never been approached with such an idea before by voice talent. Back in the '90's, I used to travel around the United States, trying to help teens of similar circumstances, and it remains one of my most rewarding life-experiences. It showed me there truly is no greater reward than to be able to use one's talent to help another person achieve their career goals.

In the spirit of this, we hope all will consider aiding the victims of the earthquakes in Haiti. If you would like advice on how to do so, please visit this link.

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bettye zoller said...

I taught children last summer at the Dallas Museum of Art outreach program. This is a great idea. I also give scholarship for attending my seminars to needy students. In addition, I regularly donate free admissions to my seminars as charity auction items. Let's talk about this privately please --email me off list--and tell me how I can extend same types of offers to students I teach who need assistance.