Thursday, September 24, 2009

Voice123 Important News: September 2009

We would like to share important news with you from Voice123!

Refer a Friend Contest Winner!
Back in June 2009, we started the 'Refer a Friend' program. You can find this in your More Tools section of your profile. At that time, we held a contest for a 1-year Free Subscription to Voice123 for the person who referred the most friends. We are pleased to announce the winner, voice talent Mike Cooper, and we thank everyone for their participation!

Voice123 Premium Forums!
Voice123 watched the forum posting slow down over the summer, but since the first week of September, we have seen that more and more Premium Subscribers are pasting their demos in DEMO ADVICE, and also asking some great questions about Voice123. The Voice123 Premium Forums has always been a great place to ask questions about usage of Voice123 as a Premium Subscriber, and the voice over industry.

Success Stories Flood My Email!
Not too long ago, I wrote a blog asking for voice talent to send me their success stories. I love sharing such news as a way to promote all voice talent on Voice123. I received so many responses from countries around the world. I want to reassure all who submitted that I will be sharing your news very soon!

Just to give you an example, Selcuk Birdal, a Voice123 voice over talent from Turkey, won a job doing voice work for the Mercedes-Benz S-Class automobile, through Voice123. You can read about it here!

  • "Selçuk Birdal studied drama as well as training as a speaker, therefore he is not only employed as a radio presenter in his home country, Turkey, but also for synchronized cinema films and TV series."
Twitter Contest to Give Away 3-Months Free Subscription!
Twitter followers of @Voice123dotcom are given the opportunity to win a free 3-months on their premium subscriptions to Voice123. The contests take place twice a month, and is a way for voice talent to try our system out and possibly win 3-months free in the process! The scripts are simple, short, and used for contest purposes only. Using Voice123's shared inbox links, you can listen to the great talent who have been submitting! It is all in good fun, and hope you will follow @Voice123dotcom, and try it out next month!

Finally... Voice123 Will Now Be Sharing Info Via a Linkedin Group!
Voice123 created a group on Voice123 to share information for voice talent and voice seekers, who wish to post voice over jobs. The group is less than two weeks old, so we hope you can come join and be a part of it. Voice123 will always share information with you to make the online casting process as transparent as possible for you! If you already have an account in LinkedIn, join the new Voice123 group here!

We are happy to see so many of you back at work, and hope your summer went well!

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