Thursday, July 02, 2009

Voice Over Insight: 'Understanding the Voice Over Community'

This is the third week in a row in which we provide for you, voice over insight into understanding the two voice over businesses that work together on Voice123:

  • Voice over talents
  • Voice seekers
We were inspired this week by voice talent Mark Fletcher, for providing insight recently on the Voice123 Premium Forums. In this case, this voice talent posted a project as a voice seeker, and got an understanding as to what the voice seeker sees from his/her end, which has in turn, given him have a broader perspective for what works in online voice over casting.

On the same topic, today a voice seeker called Voice123, and asked to speak to me. The conversation was interesting, and showed me that even the most experienced job posting professionals are still very new to online casting. Two questions that stuck out to me were:

  • How will I get the final work, if I want to hire them?
  • I have seen so many rate cards out there. What is 'the right one' to use?
What struck me as very interesting is that these questions are similar to questions often heard by voice talents in Voice123 customer service, and in Voice123 Premium Forums:

In the past six years, online voice casting has connected talents and clients directly for voice over work, reinventing the way one must do business to adjust to working online. For many, 'it's just like starting over', whether you are a voice talent or a voice seeker. In all of this, the core of what makes someone successful in voice overs has really not changed. Read more on succeeding in voice overs, in a forum post from voice talent Scott Pollak.

Voice123 will tirelessly provide as much information as possible to assist all of you in understanding how Voice123 is as much a voice over community, as it is a 'marketplace'.

Thank you always!

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