Thursday, June 11, 2009

Voice123 Turns Six!

Voice123 will celebrate its sixth birthday this Saturday, June 13th. It left us thinking, "My my... These darn websites just grow up so darn fast!".

In six short years, online casting for voice overs has changed from 'something you might want to look into if you do voice overs or need voice talent' into a 'necessary & cost-effective way to market, audition, and/or find professional voice over talents'.

There have been changes in web technology, ways 'business is done', and new ways to communicate in 'real-time'. All of this has contributed to the growth of the online voice over community, and in a few short years, made it truly a professional and respectable way to find voice over work, or voice over talents.

The growth of Voice123 is evident in our Project Directory. Our first March in 2004, 81 voice over projects were posted. This year, over 1500 projects were posted, SmartCast & Private Jobs combined!

This could never have happened without the help of you, our Voice123 community of voice talents and job posters, and the drive of those who chose to dedicate themselves to making a better website, and voice over industry.

Our staff here celebrates a sixth birthday for Voice123, with all of you, our Voice123 community.

We thank you so much for making Voice123 special, and hope to be around for many years to come! Voice123 staff is now and forever, a hard working, dedicated staff on a mission to create, maintain, and innovate the best voice casting website with the goal of connecting members of the voice over industry, seven days a week!

All of you in the Voice123 community have made the past six years very special for all of us at Voice123!


Voice123 - The Voice Marketplace
Juan Salcedo
General Manager


Chris Lombardo said...

Congratulations folks! Been using your site for years, it's been invaluable to us.

Mark Carballo said...

Congrats !!!
Happy Birthday....

Best Regards.

Steve Royal said...

Six Years Old, huh?

heeheehee....well, don't go thinkin' that yer too big fer me t' put over m' knee and give a good spankin' to!
Congratulations Voice123!
Here's to (at least) six more years!

Steve Royal

Nestor Gil Locucion Integral para Medios said...
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Olivier said...

Happy Birthday !

And thanks a lot for your work !

Gary W. Richards said...

Happy birthday Voice123, and congratulations!

november said...

Warmest Congratulations!

Leonardo Suarez said...

Forever young Voice123.

Hope to be working with you guys for long, keep the joy and happiness on everything you do.

rakoczy said...

My best wishes! Happy birthday voice 123!

Jaime said...

Congratulations from Spain! :-)

kellie said...

I'm excited to see how successful and effective this website has been for you. I've only been doing this for about 4 months, so still quite the nubie, but having a blast learning and auditioning - and this community is so generous in their ideas, sharing of wisdom and experience, and being a cheerleader for those breaking into this industry. Congratulations and I pray that the Lord continues to bless this endeavor.

Ahide said...

I celebrate you!

Bobby said...


Loved being with you for the last three so years!

Hope you all and more success in the future. You are one of the only site still making it happen for the us voice artists, and it's glad to see you got the business model down as well!

Good going, keep going and have many more birthdays!

Bobby Fleeks
Write Professionals
Creating Words That Sell

Congrats on the milestone!
We also celebrated my son's 16th birthday on the 13th:)

Anonymous said...

Happy Aniversarry Guys... I knew it you guys did it .. They said after one year either you sink and swim and you guys sure blew that darn fish out of the water. keep up the good work..