Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Voice123 Facts About Posting a Voice Over Project

Voice123 is the fastest, most efficient way to connect job posters (the voice seeker) with professional voice over talent.

Did you know?
After a project is posted on Voice123 during our regular business hours (yes, we also work on weekends), your project is approved within 15 minutes and it can then take as little as 60 minutes for auditions to start arriving. Also, studies done in March 2009, show that voice talents audition for projects 24 hours a day, with the slowest time of day being between 3AM & 5AM EST.

Did you know?
In 2009, we have seen more and more jobs coming to Voice123 than ever before. Just take a look at our Voice123 voice over Project Directory for SmartCast projects, and that directory does not include the 500 to 750 jobs posted in which voice talents were contacted directly for SmartCast Disabled projects.

Did you know?
Voice123 has a shared inbox feature that allows you to easily email your clients a link to your audition inbox. This is a great time-saver!

Did you know?
Voice123 upgraded its servers last weekend to make sure that all in the Voice123 community, enjoy a smoother, faster experience!

Our site has such features to encourage you to post more work on Voice123, the largest & most professional community of voice talents in online casting.

Give Voice123 a try and see for yourself! We know you will enjoy it!

Thank you always!
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Patrick Griggs said...

That's great and I like your service I just wish you all would hurry up and build a feature that allows me to invite all the preferred talent at one time to an audition. It's a huge hassle to go through and invite them one by one so I usually avoid inviting anyone.