Thursday, April 23, 2009

'Ya' Never Know!'

The very fact that names can be saved or that talents can be marked as 'preferred' by a voice seeker, means that every audition carries the same responsibility as one that comes with meeting an agent or casting director. Why? Simply put...'Ya' Never Know' who will be listening one day, or who you have struck a chord with in the past.

When it comes down to it, 'people' are using Voice123 on both sides of the community. One side of the community is made up of 'voice seekers' that use the technology to post projects, and hear auditions. Each has their own personality. They have an easy time keeping track of those professionals, who at one point, stuck out to them and planted that all important seed in the brain known as 'I would like to work with that person one day'. However, the needs of clients to hire a talent can be unpredictable, even with all technology in place to cut out the unpredictability factor out!

We give you two examples, which you can find in our Voice123 Forums, that illustrates the importance of professional auditioning, all the time!

Please see the following posts!
These have been written by David Swinehart and Scott Pollak! Thank you to you both for sharing such positive news, and insight, with the community of Voice123!

Being that no 'rule' is absolute when it comes to a creative industry, we point to one common thread that has made talents memorable, as learned in feedback from voice seekers:

One with the ability to choose the right auditions for themselves, combined with an audition and online communication skill that saves the client 'time', which can very well be the warmest hug you can give someone who is using a computer. It is like saying, 'I know what you are going through. So, let's work together.' This understanding is key in establishing long-term working relationships, while working online, too!

Working online can be unassumingly demanding, and being as new as it is, requires some flexibility when working within the community, but if you are always putting your best voice forward with dedication to sound quality and great copy reading, at some point, it will pay off for you!

"Dedication and hard work requires that success is imminent!"

Thank you for using Voice123!

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Rick Lance said...

Very good points you are making here. Steven. As I read through some of the blogs on various sites discussing the pros and cons of "audition websites,"
I always encounter those voice talent who are disgruntled. Even completely disgusted with Voice 123 and others. But those people usually are NOT using the systems to their full advantage. Not realizing the system is search engine driven and your profile, demos, audition track record, etc are very inportant to "work the system" well.

Also these folks are not realizing the value of auditioning ... the value beyond that one particular project. The impression you make, the new contact, the chance to add a new name to your mailing list and the practice... yes, practice you get each time you audition. My acting coaches have always said, "Think of an audition as a chance to ACT. You never know who is there watching you or reviewing your audition." Same applies here.

After being with Voice 123 almost 5 years now, I now get work simply because a voice seeker found my profile, liked my demos and hired me
... without an audition. I have some long standing clients now from that.

So you do NEVER KNOW!

Rick Lance

Naomi said...

The message in this posting is proven time and time again if I look into my work history with Voice123. I would say about 1/2 of the jobs I book are people contacting me for something I auditioned for over 6 weeks ago or for something from a different project.

And it's so nice to get those out of the blue calls when you're not expecting work!