Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Voice123 News: Inauguration & Forums

In the spirit of the 2009 Presidential Inauguration in the US, we share with you one more time the forum thread from The Political Impersonation Contest, held on Voice123 last fall. Over the next four years, we hope that all of them find work using their creative impersonations and styles.

On the subject, this week, the founders of Voice123 and myself made a somewhat last minute, late night decision to drive from New York City down to Washington D.C., which we posted about here. We hope you can take a look. It was amazing to be there.

Voice123 is always looking for ideas to write about, so that we may assist those who wish to post jobs for voice talents, and help voice talents develop their voice over careers. If you are posting a job, a coach helping out your students, and/or a voice talent, with something you wish to contribute that will be a positive influence on the voice industry, please post a thread about it and tell us!

Thank you always!

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