Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Updates from Voice123: Happy Halloween!

We hope all is going well! These are just some quick updates from Voice123:

Political Impersonation Contest - Voice seekers and premium subscribers are casting votes this week to give four lucky people a six-month subscription to Voice123, with two winning a possible year on Election Day! Cast your votes here!

Steven's Blog - Apparently, once a week is not enough for me, and I believe there is much to be discussed about Voice123 and the voice over industry. I started a blog of my own to talk about.

Product Development - Currently working on several new developments requested by talent-voice producers, and voice seekers. More info will be made available closer to release date!

Holiday Season approaching Fast - We are also not too far away from the holiday season. Talent-voice producers should be sure to set their profiles 'on vacation', so voice seekers will know who is not available.

Special Forum Category Being Added - There are many charities out there that we all have a special place for in our hearts, so such an addition would be beneficial to those in need.

In the past month, charities like Voice A Thon, or Simon Hill's forum post about a very special charity, Run for One Planet, have shown the world that there are many great individuals on Voice123 who simply care. If you have a special charity or a blog you would like featured there, please add it here! If for some reason, you cannot add it to the forum due to membership status, please send us the info through the customer service email, and we will do it for you.

Voice123 wishes you a safe and Happy Halloween!

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Steven Lowell
Quality Assurance Manager

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