Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Breaking New Records at Voice123!

Voice123 is proud to announce a pair of new broken records in projects posted!

On September 8th, 2008, Voice123 set a record for posting 58 SmartCast projects in one day!

For the month of September, Voice123 approved over 850 SmartCast projects in just 30 days! In the same month, Voice123 also hosted over 1000 SmartCast disabled projects (private projects)!

That's over 1800 voice over jobs for our premium subscribers, not including direct invites! The staff at Voice123 works very hard to make sure that you find voice over work. We want voice over talents to connect with voice seekers, for new projects and future contracts!

We thank you for using Voice123, now boasting a voice seeker satisfaction survey rate of over 90%, achieved through a combination of both the SmartCast technology, and most importantly, the voice over talents who have chosen to use us. See for yourself why posting a project on Voice123 is the most efficient way of find the best voice over talents in the world!

Thank you Voice123 Community!

Voice123 - The Voice Marketplace
Steven Lowell
Quality Assurance Manager


The Starks said...

I just used your site for the first time last week and had great success. The site works pretty well and is intuitive to use. I'm sure it will keep getting better. I'm now a loyal customer.


Anonymous said...

Happy to have contributed to your success.
You deserve it.

Keep up the great work.

Tanguy Faucon
Producer and Voice Seeker with several Smart cast always succesful :-)

Anonymous said...

I have worked with local voices in Denmark all my life - and i´ve always had problems with the variation of commercial voices.

When i moved to Thailand and opened my first station in English I was litterally on start-level. No connections, no good voice over friends i could call for last minute jobs. Then i search the internet for solutions - there is quit a few out there - i tested most of them. Voice123 is without any doubt the best solution for me as a voice seeker. No boring and complicated processes. Easy to use, quick feedback - and ALWAYS the option to ask voice123 service department for help. Like the other day when i coulden´t get hold of the speaker i really wanted. Voice 123 got him to call me back in a hurry... THAT´S SERVICE. Even when i complained about a feature (automatic play of voices) - they changed it.

I recommend the service to all my colleauges (in other markets) and all my jocks are now signed up with voice 123 to make some extra VO money. THANKS FOR GIVING MY CLIENTS SUPER VOICES AD AN AFFORDABLE PRICE, SPEADING UP ME PRODUCTION TIME, AND MAKING MY LIFE EASY.

Danny Fobian
GENERAL MANAGER Pattaya People Radio. (96 FM + Pattaya Pink 90,8)