Thursday, September 04, 2008

Headshot or Not?

Voice123 knows that many talented professionals in the voiceover industry are also models, actors, sound engineers, etc. A question Voice123 receives quite often is, also mentioned on the Voice123 Premium Forums is, 'Should I upload a headshot or not?'. The answer to this question can only be determined by what you choose to do as a business preference.

Below are just a few reasons for talents uploading headshots (or not), and as everyone is their own business on Voice123, read below, and see if it is the right choice for you:

Uploading headshots:
  • To give the viewer of your page an indication of what voice to expect (e.g. Cathy Faulkner), almost to set the mood for what they are about to hear, or indicate types of work they would like to do.
  • To show that you do work in other areas of the entertainment industry (e.g. Lori Taylor).
  • To remove the anonymous stigma (e.g. Donna Cuddemi) of the online world by showing your face.
  • To display graphic art (e.g. Steven Lowell) that you, or someone you know, has created for your profile.
  • To display artwork or a website (e.g. John Driscoll), descriptive of the type of voice you market.
No headshot? (actual statements made regarding this topic)
  • 'It is a faceless industry. Let my voice paint the picture of my work.'
  • 'If they knew what I looked like, they would not expect that voice to come out of my mouth'.
  • 'I prefer privacy, being that the Internet is public domain'.
We have mentioned only eight reasons, and all of them come from feedback in which Voice123 was told 'what works best for them.'

From the reasoning above, we hope you can think about what may work best for you!

Thank you always!

Voice123 - The Voice Marketplace
Steven Lowell
Quality Assurance Manager

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Larry said...

In my experience, your work should stand on it's own. If you're auditioning for a video, or photo shoot, etc., fine, it's probably important to fit their mold visually, but I've never heard anyone say for example, "I'm never listening to that person again, I don't like the way they look." Friends of mine in the industry, who sound fantastic, by the way, have been pre-judged by employers, etc., because they weren't pretty boys or girls. Audio is audio, not audio with a caveat that you have to fit a visual mold, so, unless the job is visual, I'd say, no head shot.