Saturday, September 29, 2007

How Are the New Voice123 and SmartCast Doing? Second Update

Hello community!

Several weeks ago we released some stats comparing the improved performance of the New Voice123 with the old system. Today, we are releasing even more stats on this comparison, showing how wonderfully the New Voice123 is doing:

More direct messages between voice seekers and talents!. In the old system we had a monthly average of 3,900 direct messages between voice seekers and voice over talents or voice producers. With the New Voice123, that number has increased by 150% to more than 9,700 direct messages per month!

Many more projects are being posted!. Last month 1,002 voice over projects were created by voice seekers in Voice123! That is 142% more than September of last year and 44% more than May of this year, one month before SmartCast was released. Out of these new projects, 639 were SmartCast enabled!

Those surveyed are happier with the auditions and proposals received. Surveys sent to voice seekers are showing a 23% satisfaction-index increase on the perception of the voice seeker with the quality of the auditions and proposals they receive.

Here is what others are saying:

"I think the new Voice123 is GREAT! I have booked more jobs since the new version came on line than the previous two years I was a member combined! The jobs pay better and I like the feedback system and ‘opened audition’ notification. I only wish more clients would use the rating system and open all their auditions. Overall, the new Voice123 is a HUGE improvement! :)"
Dustin R. Ebaugh - Voice Over Talent

"Guys, you're doing a great job. This is what Web 2.0 is all about. Great web experience backed up by outstanding customer service."
Dan Holleran - Voice Seeker

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by Alex Torrenegra
Leader and Co-founder

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Debbie Abrams Feldman said...

Kudos to the Voice123 team. What a difference this has made in the number of jobs I have booked. I'm enjoying the audition process more and thoroughly "voice" my vote for SmartCast !!! Debbie Abrams Feldman