Thursday, May 03, 2007

Update on the New Voice123

Two months ago we reached the alpha milestone of the New Voice123. We are now getting close to reaching the beta milestone. Most of the bugs and corrections we found before the alpha milestone was reached have been fixed, and are now being tested. As a matter of fact, almost half of the new systems and features of the New Voice123 have been already approved for beta. Reaching beta means that the system is ready to be tested by many of you. A couple of weeks after beta, the system will be published for all of you to use.

The New Voice123 is full of nice surprises. Here are some we have never before mentioned:

> The New Voice123 will have an improved sign-in mechanism with improved
password protection.

> The new audition inbox will allow to quickly add individual comments or tags to each audition or proposal you get.

>The New Voice123 will allow you to store your auditions or proposals for an unlimited amount of time.

You may experience the New Voice123 before most people do. Simply apply to become a beta tester for the New Voice123. You can find more info at

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