Monday, February 13, 2006

Voice123's Latest Site Improvements

Demo Languages for Answers

When you are answering leads that request generic demos, only your profile demos of the same language as the job is requesting will be displayed. You will only be able to select demos from those demos to make sure you are sending what the talent seeker is requiring.

Error Message for Empty Answer

An error message is now shown when you try to answer a lead without writing any comments. These remarks are required to submit the answer.

New Languages on Profile

Four new languages have been added to the My Voice Details section of your profile. You can now add Icelandic, Caribbean, Croatian and Urdu to your profile if you can do recordings in these languages.

Optimization of Profile Pages

Our development team has optimized your Voice123 profile website, refining the programming code on which these webpages are written to make them more suitable for internet search engines and improve positioning results.

These improvements have been developed to help you better match talent seekers requirements and to improve your profile website results in search engines.

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