Thursday, February 09, 2006

Voice123 Is Talent Seekers' Little Secret

We know many talent seekers have their own clients and Voice123 wants to help them offer excellent services. One way to do this is letting talent seekers' clients listen to voice demos sent by talents replying to a job posting.

Many talents allow talent seekers to have their demos downloaded to their computers, but sometimes the talents prefer not to. That is why we have an option to send a link that you, as a talent seeker, can send to your clients and let them listen to the demos without downloading them to a computer. The benefit is that it won't reveal that the demo actually comes from Voice123 as it uses a different domain name.

This was the topic of our last newsletter for talent seekers. We would like to know your opinion about this feature, if you really find it useful, or if you have any other suggestions regarding this topic.

Thanks for your comments.

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