Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Voice Over Projects During The Past Holiday Season

The Holidays are behind us all now, but in December I had the chance to work in Account Managing for Voice123, and I directly communicated with many voice seekers during that time. In doing so, I came to find reasons why certain voice over projects received fewer responses than others. I would like to share with you some helpful hints on getting voice over projects approved quickly, getting more auditions, and hearing the right voice for your project!

  • This is the day and age of transparency. It will help you to be upfront about what the job will be all about. We see sometimes in the ‘director’s mind’, projects may be created under a false scenario; almost to trick the voice talent into giving the best voice over audition; maybe a form of 'method job posting'. However, the attempt to ‘trick’ leads more to confusion. When you are honest, upfront, and detailed about what you need, the artist will speak for you more often.

  • Yes, but it deserves mentioning twice. The most common cause of receiving the wrong audition is because ‘something was left out’. Think of it this way: The time spent now on explaining details is time you will save later when you have to re-post a job because you left an important detail out.

Grammar and Spelling:
  • In digital communication, for some reason, people are less forgiving when they see spelling errors or poor grammar. Proofreading what you are about to send in takes only a few minutes, and will help you get auditions. Taking these extra couple minutes tells a person you care about the project; a great reason to audition.

Emails and Phone Numbers:
  • Use an email and phone number that works. It helps Voice123 staff get in touch with you, and it also lets us know that you are a legitimate business or person. Voice123 protects your privacy at your request. You will see that in the project posting form.

In closing, you may notice I did not touch on ‘budgets’. The fact is, working online is about building relationships. Those who ‘think of the bigger picture’ will work with an honest person, even if the budget may be smaller than normal. Honesty is the strongest foundation of any long-term working relationship. It is the same mindset behind why people find a car mechanic they can trust, and stay with that person for years, regardless of cost...just because they trust them for being honest.

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