Friday, April 16, 2010

Voice Over Job Not Seeing Many Responses?

Voice123 offers customer service for voice seekers (voice over job poster) at the creation of a project, but did you know we also do our best to assist during the life of your project?

Voice123 staff is notified via email, if for some reason you are not receiving responses to your job posting. The Voice123 staff will look over your project, and reach out to you to help. Voice123 is a web community, so we are aware of the reasons why voice talent submit for work, and why they do not.

The most common reasons voice talent respond to projects are usually:
  • Professional grammar and usage of industry terms and lingo.

  • Detailed project descriptions that strongly communicate what you desire.

  • Ranking system usage.

  • Listening to all who submitted.

  • and of course... Attractive budgets.

Posting a job on Voice123 gives you access to professional voice over talent that are looking to build business relationships with you.

If you ever feel you are not receiving responses, and you would simply like to ask why, please join our Live Chat or write us at for some tips on posting a voice over jobs, or please look for our emails offering such advice on how to use the Voice123 system!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey Steve,

I received a good number of responses to my project. I communicated with several of them.

I'm totally happy with my responses.

My project has been delayed due to some health issues on my part. I intend to resume the project as soon as I'm able. Accordingly, I extended the expiration date of my project via your online facility to do so.

I have kept a record of those respondees whom I think will do a great job on my project.