Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ranking System Change on Voice123

Voice123 created the Ranking System as a form of 'keeping you connected to the very voice talent you enjoyed listening to while using Voice123.'

Each time you use Voice123 SmartCast to post a project, and the auditions come to you within an hour, you will find a series of stars next to the audition.

The 5th star used to read 'Likely Hiring'. On December 15th, 2009, it was changed to 'Finalist'.

Why? The reason for this is that Voice123 learned through user feedback from voice talent and voice seekers, that 'Likely Hiring' was not satisfying the task of connecting people, whether they would be hired or not, and at times led to confusion between the voice seeker and talent.

We made this change to assist you in connecting with voice talent you enjoyed hearing, through steady usage of the ranking system.

You will now see these choices, when you run your mouse over the five stars listed:
  • Finalist (highest)
  • Considering
  • Maybe
  • Not Likely
  • Never Again (lowest)
You will also see an option to make someone a 'Preferred Talent', under his/her name. Such algorithms found in the audition inbox are great for the entire voice over community because they help build you a network, and still stands as a reason why Voice123 shines brightest when it comes to building professional online voice over relationships. With so many repeat clients offering work to voice talent, SmartCast, and our voice over search feature, we see at least 2500 voice over job solicitations pass through Voice123 during our high traffic months, and slightly less during holiday seasons.

If you have projects open right now, try this out for yourself, or post a project to see how Voice123 works for you in finding the most professional voice talent, today!

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to ask us!

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Anonymous said...

Excellent idea .. I always felt the jump from "considering" to "likely hiring" was a big gap.