Monday, May 18, 2009

'My Voice Tags' in Your Profile!

Demo tags are finally here! The work put in by you, the professional Voice123 talent, has helped us create a great new feature for helping all Voice123 voice over talents to be found much easier than ever before!

When the new Voice123 Search Feature comes out soon, the very tags you choose to keep in your new 'My Voice Tags' section of your profile, can assist you in being found quicker and easier. Simply put, these are keywords that have been anonymously left on your profile demos by other professional talents throughout the last year.

Demo tagging is a very complex web development feature, which makes it faster & easier for people to connect in order to be hired. Bottom line, you can only benefit from it!

You may check at any time what tags your voice has received in the 'My Voice Tags' option of the 'My Profile' section (you can remove tags you don't agree with). And if you want to tag other talents, you can do so here.

You can never connect if a tag does not match what you are, and because you can remove these tags, while leaving some for others, you now have a voice in shaping the professionalism of Voice123!

This feature works because the Voice123 community made it so, and we thank you so much for being a part of Voice123.

Read more about it in our Resource Center article about Demo Tagging, if you have questions.


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Juan Salcedo
General Manager

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