Thursday, February 19, 2009

First Year 'War Stories' in Voice Overs

The first year of being a voice over talent is a memorable one for everyone, be it now, or many years ago. There are always those little 'things' that happen that leave you feeling at the time, 'Wow! I will never do that again.' Through our email campaign last week for 'What Would You Like to Know', a talent had requested, that she wished to know what others went through in their first year.

We posted the question on the Voice123 Premium Forums, and we wish to share a couple of stories from successful talents on Voice123, still in their voice over careers today, despite some unfortunate first-year mishaps; proof one should never quit! We hope you enjoy, and you can read the stories or post your own!

Special thanks this week to Michelle Falzon and John M. Thomas for their generous contributions of their stories:
"I was working my first day alone, on the air. I was scared to death. I was making my top of the hour announcements, short little show intros, thinking "Yeah, I got this radio stuff down perfect!" About 3 hours into my shift, the operations manager calls. I answer. He says only four words..."TURN THE MIC AROUND!". I had been talking into the WRONG end side of the microphone for three hours. Ooops." - Michelle Falzon
"...the station caught fire while I was on the air... with the firemen at the door screaming for me to get out... I dug out The Doors "Light My Fire" cued it up and beat it out of there... it was the last thing heard as the station burned to the ground!" - John M. Thomas

Thank you for reading!

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