Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Voice123 Feature! Activity Information!

Voice123 has released a new feature that will assist voice-seekers when posting voice-over jobs... Talent Activity Information!

This feature was created to let voice seekers know when the last time a Voice123 talent was active before sending a direct invite, eliminating wasted time in waiting for answers and responses.

This was done for the following reasons:
  • Putting an end to bad experiences of you directly inviting talents, only to have the request go unanswered, not knowing if the talent was either on vacation, unavailable, or ignoring the request.
  • Increase comprehensive business communication through the Voice123 interface, to give you a faster and easier experience.
Here are some questions Voice123 has received regarding this feature...

Where is this info displayed?
Right at the top of the Voice123 profile! ex: Caryn Clark

You will see the following information:

How accurate is this information?
  • Very accurate! The info displayed represents the last time the voice over talent was logged on and actively using his/her Voice123 profile and audition inbox. If you directly invite them, they will see it.
  • In addition, talents also have a 'Going on Vacation' feature, which is indicated on their profiles, two reasons to trust that the information you are seeing is accurate, and that a person will be easier to contact!

Voice123 hopes this feature assists you in the future, especially when a project is time-sensitive, where you find you need to look for voice-over talents and to directly invite talents using our voice talent search feature!

We hope this helps you with your next project!

Voice123 - The Voice Marketplace
Juan Salcedo
General Manager

1 comment:

Larry Maizlish - Voices On Call said...

As a voice client (seeker) who regularly sends out direct invitations to talents, I can see where this will be a big help.

There have been numerous times that we have sent direct invitations to talents not knowing if they are actively checking Voice123 for jobs. Sometimes waiting days, only to find out that the talent does not monitor the Voice123 jobs.

This new feature will save on our production times since we will probably not send direct invitations to talents who are not active on Voice123.

Thanks for adding this feature. One suggestion for your next upgrade: Use some color or formatting differences in that section of the talent profile so the activity (and maybe the other stats there) stand out a bit more and are easier to read at a glance.

Thanks again for the feature.

Larry Maizlish
Voices On Call
Voiceover Casting and Production