Friday, May 16, 2008

It's a Small, Small Online World...

Question/Answer chat with the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards voice and Voice123 Talent: September Day Leach

The online world is smaller, and more competitive, so the need to be positive with each other online is of extreme importance all the time! You never know who you will cross paths with because what goes online, stays there! For me, there is a sense of excitement knowing that I had met a particular Voice123 talent in the beginning stages of my experiences with Voice123, first as a talent, and then reconnecting as a Voice123 team-member, with September Day Leach.

Not too long ago, I had the chance to contact her again. I asked her about a special job she won at Voice123, that brought me back in contact with her last November:
Q: Do you mind telling Voice123 how we first came in contact?
A: I believe you found my profile on here and asked how you could become a successful VO artist :)

Q: Wait a minute! I thought you contacted my MySpace page shortly after I became a premium member in 2006, waaaay before I worked here, and asked me if I belong to any casting sites! No?
A: LOL!! I wondered if you would catch that ;) Of course, I contacted you wanting to pick your brain about the industry and you turned me on to getting a membership :)

Q: So... how long have you been in the voice over business?
A: I started working at the local radio station when I was 16, writing and voicing commercials. But I never thought there would be a career in it so I just dabbled here and there until 2005. That was the year I decided to really make a go of it and I've been full time ever since 2006.

Q: Great! I found out you were with Voice123 last year after news you had booked something big. What very interesting job did you book last year through Voice123?
A: The MTV VMAs :) (2007 MTV Video Music Awards)

Q: How were you hired? Privately or SmartCast?
A: SmartCast!

Q: Where did you record your audition, and what took place when the seeker showed interest?
A: I recorded the audition from my home studio. Once the seeker showed interest, it was about a month more of auditions.

Q: A month! What were the re-auditions like and how many? I personally know how re-auditions make people nervous that work will be stolen.
A: The re-auditions. Oh! I must've done at least 20 or so. Sexy, not-as-sexy, robotic, smooth, hyper, friendly, showgirl, energetic, emphasis on this word, emphasis on that word, faster, slower. It was terribly nerve-wracking knowing that I could get bumped out of the running any day. I do remember one of the associate producers telling me that for the longest time I was known as "42" because they weren't allowed to know our names until they settled on a voice! In the end, I was told I got it a week before the show, lost it later that day. Got it again the next day. Went in to record the stuff at a studio in downtown Atlanta 4 days before the show. Found out they didn't like it that night. Was told later that night that I would be flying to Vegas the next day. It was a serious whirlwind!

Q: Wow! What was that like, traveling for a voice over job?
A: Exciting, scary, thrilling. I'd traveled to VO jobs before, but mostly just to the downtown area (Atlanta). Flying across the country to a city that I had never been to before? (Las Vegas) Well, that was plain awesome. Taking a limo to a glamorous hotel, staying in the coolest rock 'n roll room ever, having access to every area backstage... I still get goosebumps thinking about it :)

Q: Tell us what it was like to record this job?
A: Well, I was in a studio part of the time. I had 2 sessions at a studio in Las Vegas where we recorded everything. I was on stand-by in a trailer during the broadcast just in case something happened.

Q: Did you see anyone you did not expect to see, or are a fan of, while at the Awards?
A: I met Christian Norman, the president of MTV Networks. She sat in on my sessions. I had no clue who she was at the time, which was probably a good thing! But I was amazed that she was a) in Las Vegas and b) at my session. Other than that, I chatted with Sarah Silverman, Seth Rogen, Chris Daughtry, Rhianna, Chris Brown, and Fall Out Boy.

Q: Any word on going back?
A: Not yet :) I know I made a good impression so I'm hoping that it was good enough to last a whole year!

Q: How important has auditioning online been to your voice over career?
A: Extremely. I landed the gig of a lifetime in the first 2 years of my career all because of online auditioning. Even if I don't get invited back to announce again, the rewards of having that credit on my resume can't be calculated.

Q: I noticed you use a nickname. What nickname do you like to go by?
A: Ember

Q: Thanks so much for your time!
A: My pleasure!

All of Voice123 thanks her for taking the time out to share this experience with us, as we found that it could be helpful to everyone!

Funny thing... I have never met September Day Leach, yet I am in a position now of 'Voice123 team member', it is always great to come across an online friend again with positive news to share, and it was recently great to hear she continues to do well with Voice123!

We look forward to future interviews with users of Voice123!

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