Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Will You Be The Two Millionth Audition?

Hello all!

In case you have not noticed, Voice123 is coming up on processing its 2,000,000th audition/proposal!

To celebrate this event, we are giving away a FREE one-year's subscription to the person who submits the 2,000,000th audition/proposal!
We are watching for it!

It is our way of saying thank you to all of you who use Voice123 everyday! This event is quite the milestone for our staff and we hope you will share in the enjoyment. We will announce the winner shortly!

With almost 700 SmartCast® projects, 233 non-SmartCast® projects and 3627 private messages and project invitations posted in February, Voice123 processes more voiceover projects than any other voice casting site on the Internet.

Thank you for your continued support of Voice123!


Voice123 - The Voice Marketplace
by Alex Torrenegra
President and Co-founder

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