Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Improved Link Exchange, use it to increase your exposure on the web

Hi everyone,

We have listened to feedback from voice talents and voice producers like you, and have made many improvements to the Link Exchange feature.

You can use the Link Exchange feature to promote all your websites by exchanging links in your Voice123 profile. And now you can link to up to five websites!

If you have other websites, you can link to them from your Voice123 profile.

Some of the benefits from link exchanging:
  • Increases your website traffic and exposure to clients.
  • Helps to get your website in all the Search Engines quickly.
  • Improves your position in the Search Engines.
Start taking advantage of this great feature, to begin your link exchange click:

This improvement to our system was implemented thanks to the feedback received from users like you. If you like these features, or if you have more ideas to share with us, please comment below.


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by Juan Salcedo
Marketing Manager

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