Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Voice Over Savvy Forum, more than another on line community

The amazing response and acceptance experienced by the Voice Over Savvy Forum has been overwhelming. Up to now there are close to 10.000 postings from our talents and voice seekers. Come on and join us on the VO sandbox.

The following are a few of the most interesting and fun topics and discussions on the Voice Over Savvy Forum. Check them out and enjoy:

How many Agents?
"My goal is to get an agent in all the big markets. So, as I was driving home, I started wondering how many agents do other pros sign with? Right now I am with four. But I still want a few more..."
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"He says if I add the Platinum Version of the Soundblaster XFI, I won't need an interface...that I can plug my mic directly into my computer and go from there..."
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What's your signal chain?
"OK, so with all the discussion of recording software and preamps lately, I thought we might look at the big picture: the entire signal chain. SO...Let's share. How does your voice get from your mouth to the computer screen? ..."
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Any Rocket Scientists out there????
"I can all let you in on the mechanics of how the new system will work. By utilizing former employees of the Psychic Network, along with a Ouija board, chicken claw and a 1984 Farmers Almanac..."
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And January´s Winner Is...

The winner for January's premium subscription raffle has been announced. Join us in congratulating the lucky talent. Remember, you can participate in the raffle by just being among the 50 talents placing the most postings on The Voice Over Savvy Forum. click here to find out more.

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