Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Be Part Of The Voice123 Showcase

Would you like your voice and the voice services you provide to be shown proactively to thousands of voice seekers, talents and producers? If so, keep on reading.

Here's how you can receive enormous exposure

We are working to create a showcase of some of the best examples of the work Voice123 talents and producers have produced in response to projects and leads received through Voice123. The showcase will be highly visible on our website to all existing and new users. That's more than 250,000 visits per month!

How do I get in to the showcase?

For your voice to qualify you need to meet the following requirements:

· You'll need to have been selected to be the voice or producer of a widely distributed or very popular piece of audio. All types are suitable, from TV commercials to phone systems.

· The end client must be a prestigious organization. But it's ok if you were hired by an organization that is not widely known, as long as the recording was to promote a popular product or service.

· You must obtain your client's authorization to showcase on Voice123 the piece of audio (and video, where applicable), the script, the name of your client, and the fact that they used Voice123 to find you.

I like the idea. How can I apply?

First, collect or document all the following information:

· The script of the piece of audio.

· The exact date your client contacted you. We will need this information to double check that the client found you through Voice123.

· The date and place of the recording.

· The actual piece of audio (and video, where applicable) in a very high quality format.

· The name and contact details of the client.

· Written proof that the client has approved the audio, his or her name, the name of the organization, the organization's logo and the name of the product for showcasing by Voice123.com (an email from the client will be acceptable as proof).

Second, submit all the information above by email to help@voice123.com with the subject line "Showcase". You may attach any information you consider relevant. For example, the campaign in which the piece of audio was used, a client's testimonial for your services, etc.

Third, we will verify all the information you give us and decide whether it's good enough to be included in our showcase. We will let you know if you've been approved.

What if I do something great in the future?

No problem. Feel free to submit your application anytime, following the instructions above.


If you have any questions or comments, please visit our Customer Service page to find several ways for you to get in touch with us and/or solve your issue.

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