Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Online Recording Tool Will Be Removed On May 16th, 2006

Looking to increase the success of our talents and improve the experience of our talent seekers, we are working on some changes related to the way you create and upload audition voice over demos through Voice123. This is why we would like to inform you about the following:

1. The removal of the online recording tool on May 16th, 2006.
2. Other recording tool alternatives.
3. Consequences of these changes.

The online recording tool will be discontinued on May 16th, 2006

Auditioning to voice over jobs is a job in itself. Many factors are taken into consideration by talent seekers to select the voices they need. The better the demos you send with your answers, the more professional your auditions will be and the easier talent seekers will find a voice.

When you record a custom voice over demo that you send as an answer to a lead, we run a process that converts this audio file to an audio quality that speeds up the retrieval and downloading process. This conversion process will soon be improved to convert audio files to 64 kbps, which is suitable for online casting purposes, instead of the current 32 Kbps. An improved audio quality of 64 Kbps will help you demonstrate all your experience and quality as a voice over talent, allowing talent seekers to learn more about your voice over potential.

Voice123 offers an online recording tool that allows you to record custom voice over demos directly from your computer. This tool records at a bit rate of 32 Kpbs. When the audio quality of answer demos gets improved, online recording tool users will be at a disadvantage compared to those who use a different recording program or studio.

As a consequence, the online recording tool you find when answering leads will be removed from the site. The main reason being to create a level playing field for talents when doing their auditions. When a lead requests a generic demo, you can still send one of your uploaded profile demos. Remember that, for Premium Members, we have increased the number of demos you can upload to your profile from three to ten demos. But to answer a lead that requires a custom demo, you will need to create the demo using a recording program on your computer or your recording studio.

Recording tool alternatives

There are many different tools that allow you to make professional voice recordings. Many of these programs are advanced recording software that can be downloaded for free or purchased online for your computer. These programs offer professional audio recording and sound editing features. Among this software you will find Audacity, GarageBand, Sound Studio, Audio Recorder, Wiretap Pro, QuickTime Pro, Pro Tools, and Adobe Audition.

If you want to learn more about these programs and where to download them, please read Sound Recording Software for PC and Mac.

Consequences of these changes

Removing Voice123's online recording tool from the site is something we believe will bring benefits for both voice talents and talent seekers.

Using audio recording programs will help voice talents better showcase their voice over abilities and recording capabilities. This will improve the professionalism of auditions sent by voice talents.

On the other hand, talent seekers will see an improved experience when auditioning voice talents. They will hear better demos, allowing them to make a more accurate selection of the voices for their projects.

In summary, the removing of the online recording tool aims to help both voice talents and talent seekers. This is a change that is based on feedback we received from our members, that has been carefully analyzed and is under development at this time. The improvement of the audio quality is a benefit that outweighs the removal of the online recording tool. With other audio recording tools you can record higher quality demos, allowing you to send better auditions.

For any additional questions or comments please visit our Customer Service page to find several ways for you to get in touch with us and/or solve your issue.

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