Monday, October 31, 2005

Recording Hardware And Software Tips

Our last newsletter presented an overview about recording tools and audio file converter software. We know there is a lot more to say and discuss about this subject, so we want to invite you to let us know your experiences, recommendations, and/or comments regarding this topic.

Share your thoughts with us and other Voice123 voice talents. We are sure many will learn from your ideas, helping them to improve and ultimately take better advantage of Voice123's services.

Highlights from the newsletter:

There are some key elements that can make a difference when answering job leads. One of them is how quickly you can create and send a custom demo to a client.

There are many recording tools available in the market. M-Audio and Digidesign, divisions of Avid Technology Inc., offer many types of products to create professional recordings and audio files.

With a portable recording device you are able to create custom demos almost anywhere and instantly. It is often necessary to convert WAV audio files to MP3 format for easy sharing. There are several MP3 converters or rippers that allow you to do this conversion in a matter of seconds. Musicmatch Jukebox and iTunes are very popular music playing softwares that, among many other features, allow you to convert WAV, MP3, and other audio files, from one format to another.

Additionally, there is lots of software exclusively designed to process those conversions. These programs let you choose the file type and size that you want.

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