Friday, June 06, 2008

New Premium Talent Feature: Demo Tags!

Voice123 is proud to introduce a new Premium Talent feature: Demo Tags!

This is currently a community experiment, giving talents the unique opportunity to anonymously tag a description of another talent's demo, also anonymous.

Why 'tag' someone else's demo?

Plain and simple... 'Tagging a demo' is a very serious and effective online marketing tool used to increase the exposure of a talent's demo on Voice123.

How do you tag a demo?

Don't worry! It is very easy! 'Tagging' is a simple anonymous process in which talent#1 adds a keyword to talent#2's voice over demo. This is currently used on other websites, so anyone familiar with this type of feature knows it is a great way to increase your exposure on a website, in this case Voice123! You will have the opportunity to tag one or more demos right after you upload an audition or reply to a message to someone else in the marketplace. Tagging of demos is completely optional.

Eventually, when the initial tagging is complete, a future update will allow the owners of the tagged demos to remove the tags they do not agree with, yet will not know who actually left the tag originally. The process is safe, anonymous, and helpful in learning how to increase your online exposure.

Voice123 will monitor this new feature, and will determine if it is working, while exploring new ways on how to better improve the Voice123 experience for all users!

Important note!

We will be rewarding free one-year subscriptions to FIVE Voice123 users during this process! We encourage all of you to take full advantage of this opportunity! The more tagging you do, the higher your chances are of winning a FREE one-year subscription!

At Voice123, we strive to provide you the best service and exposure possible for marketing yourself, and this is a very popular tool we believe you can all benefit from.

We are always looking to keep Voice123 above the cutting edge of the online voice over industry.

Thank you so much!

Voice123 - The Voice Marketplace
Juan Salcedo
General Manager

Demo Tagging Update: there is a more recent blog posting with some Q&A about this exciting feature, you can check it here:



Voice Over Studio said...
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Bobbin Beam said...

Sounds interesting, but will need to work with it to understand it all. One question I have is, whose demos do you tag? Does V123 present anoymous demos to us after we submit our own auditions? Or do we randomly select our pals to tag and vice-versa? "'splain it Lucy". Thanks for my disregarding my silly humor this morning.
Best, Bobbin Beam

Brandon Porter said...

Could you all post an example of tagging?

Deby Cedars said...

Ready or not come at me and tag me!
tag me please...
Deby Cedars

wkh said...

ok a little confused...I understand the tags are meant to provide new and improved clarity and that the talents will see them and discard those they do not want as part of their web page, but is this also intended to provide constructive feedback such as 'sloppy' where diction is concerned. I do not wish in any way to be hurtful, just want some clarification.

Ed said...

I'm still confused about what tagging does. Can you provide a use-case scenario of how this works and he benefits? It's not clear what benefit the tag-ee gets. Thanks.

Brenda said...

Hello this is Brenda from Mexico City. I've been a VOICE123 member for one year and I've just renewed my subscription. I would like to have more involvement in this world but it's been a little bit difficult for me lately because I'm in the process of setting up my new home studio. Anyway, I would like to participate more and I think this is my chance, so should I wait for your input first or is it that I didn't get the indications right?
Well, I also seize this space for being thankful with VOICE123. I've just recorded one project and I'm expecting the answer of another client, but I hope soon I'll have more successful answers.

The Voice123 Team said...

Hey all!

Thank you so much for your comments!

We will assist you more early next week, answering questions about concerns on this feature.

For now, I wish to express that the main thing here is that you will have full control of the tags you wish to keep.

The main purpose of it is to help people looking for some "type" of voice, it will be easier for them to find you.

An example would be:

Someone is looking for a "sexy" voice, we will try to show those that have been tagged as "sexy".

Remember that this is being monitored by us very carefully. We will not let anything happen to you. When the initial tagging is complete, you will have control over what must stay and go.

We thank the over 700 plus talents who have begun tagging as of the posting of this comment.

All the best, and we will address your concerns, a bit more next week!

ps- Til of the good sites to research examples of this is 'Stumblupon'.

JC Haze said...

I think you have a major flaw in your plan.

As a paying member of 123, I would appreciate the opportunity to delete any tags BEFORE they're put on my work. Not after a possible client views something I don't agree with!

The Voice123 Team said...

Woah! Hold on JC!

That is NOT going to happen. This is just a community experiment, and you will have all control over it very shortly, nor can you be tagged when it is done. Aside, no one said the seeker would see these tags. Currently, only we do.

I know other websites try marketing by confusing you with their failed attempts, but we are doing something quite different.

Keep you eyes on this page! More to come!

I would not mislead JC Haze or any other talents!

Frank said...

Voice talents should be allowed to participate or not. If it's a great feature, then many will want to participate. But for someone who has been told, by pros who teach and speak at seminars, to carefully create a brand, random voice talents tagging a demo won't be of use.

The Voice123 Team said...

Hi Frank! Thanks so much! Any kind of tag you find not related to your brand, you will be able to remove very shortly.

The Voice123 Team said...

Hello everyone, there is a new blog posting clarifying many of the questions posted here, you can check it at

Thank you!