Monday, June 09, 2008

Demo Tagging: UPDATE!


The following is giving you some updates on the recently released Demo Tagging feature, and how well it is going!

It is going great! The response has been overwhelming, over 4350 demos have been tagged in just three days! We are very happy with the results so far, and thank all that have participated.

We have heard some questions over the weekend, and I hope you will read my responses to them, as I know that many of you are curious about this feature.

Q: Where is the demo tagging feature?
A: If you have not found it yet, it is a link/graphic that appears after you submit an audition. IMPORTANT: The tags other people have given to your demos will not appear in your profile page, tags will be used mainly to help voice seekers find you, and you will have full control over what tags truly represent your voice.

Q: What is demo tagging?
A: One or two words describing your demo, therefore making it easier to find in search engines and the upcoming search feature, in the future when someone does a search. It is not a critique to your demo, just a way of describing it.

Q: Am I only helping the competition by demo tagging?
A: NO, not at all. I must emphasize again, the TALENT, will be able to remove anything you dislike once the feature is done with this initial phase. It will only be three keywords anyway.

Q: Can't somebody just leave a whole bunch of words I do not know about or leave me negative tags if they are my competition?
A: NO, not at all. We are monitoring this community experiment. Also, you can only leave three keywords. Second, this is only being offered to Premium subscribers. Third, if someone does leave negative tags, YOU CAN REMOVE THEM BEFORE THE TAGS ARE ACTUALLY USED. Lastly, the process is anonymous.

Q: Will this affect how SmartCast invites me to projects?
A: No.

Q: Who sees this info coming in, and what if I do not want my demo tagged?
A: Right now, only Voice123 sees it. Talents will have control to remove tags soon enough, yet I think you would be missing out on a great opportunity to be found much easier. If you wish to skip the process, you may be putting a restriction on how well you can be found. I do training every Thursday at 1PM EST to explain how Voice123 works, and the people I have helped find work easier because they understand what works. They do it all on their own.

Q: Why even bother?
A: Voice123's tools put all the decisions in YOUR hands, the talents. We strive to make this the best online marketing tool for voice overs, and this stage of the game is somewhat educational, safe, but IN NO WAY has an effect on the current status of your profile.

Q: I still do not like that it is 'anonymous'.
A: Understood, that is why YOU can change any tag you dislike in the future. You never know, someone might tag you something you find brilliant.

Q: Is this something you think you can safely learn from, especially if you can remove the tags?
A: YES!!! Voice seekers wish to contact talents easier and directly many times, and we are in the beginning stages of creating something new for the upcoming search feature release. In the future, one of those voice seekers will be able to find you quickly and easily because of your demo tags... that YOU will control.

We still do have a contest going on to give away five free 1-year subscriptions. We hope you can participate!

Q: Why do all of this, if you know it will create concern?
A: I see no reason for concern because Voice123 hired a talent, speaks with talents all the time, both online and offline, and researches the very best out there to directly assist in making the online experience profitable at Voice123. This experiment will last for a few weeks, we will be announcing the winners, you will be able to remove the tags you don't agree with, and then voice seekers will be able to find you easier with the tags and keywords you do agree with.

Despite what you may hear or read on other websites that may have fumbled their attempts in the past, there has been a large recent increase in the amount of projects posted on Voice123, which means...

The Premium Talents of Voice123 are wanted!

The proof is in the Voice Over Project Directory.

Just last week alone, over 200 SmartCast projects were posted on Voice123... More than 200 projects in nine days for our talents, not to mention direct invites to non-SmartCast projects in Voice123.

No predictions from us. Only truth and direction. Your decisions make Voice123 the best out there, and we thank you as always for supporting us. I am a talent and I believe the company that works weekends and nights to help others get work is the company I will stick with always. I firmly believe in this positive development of Voice123 to assist in talents getting work.

I hope to see all of you soon at a training, if you have any questions! It is my favorite hour of the week!

Thank you for your time and I hope this helps,

Voice123 - The Voice Marketplace
Steven Lowell
Quality Assurance Manager


Selah said...

123Voice is a great company to get involed with if you want to do Voice overs...

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if English is your first language but according to the Oxford English dictionary the word Talent is both singular and plural. Your use of the word Talents is incorrect.