Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Voice123 Community Spotlight: The 'Spanish Buzz' About a Job Booked On Voice123!

The 'Toy Story' Behind the Booking!
Several weeks ago, we had written about Javier Fernandez-Peña and a voice over job he booked after being found on Voice123. He played the role of ‘Spanish Buzz’ in ‘Toy Story 3’! Today, we bring you the interview we mentioned, and hope you will pick up some great info and tips from it! The movie has been doing wonderfully at the box office, and we are very proud of his achievement! A month after its premiere in the United States, it is still in the Top 5 money making films at the box office!

We hope you enjoy the interview!

Did you see that poster he autographed? It could be yours!
To celebrate his success and have some fun for the kids, Voice123 created a special voice over project! We are doing a contest to give away the poster to the child or teen, who has created a character on their own, with their own script.

The contest will be judged by 'Spanish Buzz' himself, and he is very excited to hear all the interesting character demos! You may use your own character demo if you already have one, or create one using a script of your own! Give your character a name, too!

If you wish to submit your character, simply go to this voice over job link and use the following verification code when required: 10007F. This contest ends August 6th, 2010, and results will be announced via this blog!

If you do not have a voice over profile, why not create one?

Good luck and have fun!

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