Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The New Voice123 Premium Forums!

Voice123 is excited to introduce the new Voice123 Premium Forums!

The mission of the new Voice123 Premium Forums is to provide an effective business and networking tool for all of you, the Voice123 Community. You will find discussions on using Voice123, coaches, ways to improve your chances of working, and other tools through positive discussions about the voice over industry. You can also take part in new ways to improve Voice123.

In the past year, Voice123 has undergone many significant changes to promote a more professional atmosphere for the voice over industry. Although one of Voice123's goals was to strengthen the community of talents, voice seekers, coaches, and careers in the online industry, we felt as if a disconnect with the community had to be addressed. Many of us simply missed having the daily chance to have constructive discussions with you.

The new forums will be about promoting the voice over industry at large, as well as, solutions to help you deal with the harder times. We will also look to invite voice seekers to this forum, and share their discussions and testimonials on what works best.

Above all, this is a forum that Voice123 will use to benefit you, and promote the growth of talents, coaches, voice seekers, and new Premium Subscribers.

The Voice123 team looks forward to talking to all of you again soon!

To start a new discussion or to read and participate in current discussions, just go to http://forums.voice123.com

Note: All customer service issues must be reported through Voice123's regular Customer Service channels, and will not be addressed through these new forums.

Thank you!

Voice123 - The Voice Marketplace
Juan Salcedo
General Manager

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