Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Many New Improvements

During the past few days we have released several improvements as a result of your feedback:

  • We believe you may be happy in learning that from now on all invitations sent by Voice123 SmartCast will include the deadline of the project as well as its budget. This information helps you save and manage your time better.

  • The project creation form now warns voice seekers that projects with "To be defined" budgets may not offer the best results. As a result, we expect to see less projects with "To be defined" budgets.

  • The project creation form now advices voice seekers that custom demos should only be required if the custom demo is going to be a deciding factor.

  • The form where you submit auditions and proposals has an area where the details of the project are shown. The text on said area is now darker, thus easier to read.

These are just some of the many improvements we are working on based on feedback received from you. Please let us know what you think by posting your comments below.


Voice123 - The Voice Marketplace
by Alex Torrenegra
President and Co-founder


Anonymous said...

Good improvements! Thank you for your eficient work.

Cindy Brooks said...

Thanks Voice123 for making the scripted area bolder and easier to read. I had become accustomed to recording the custom demo on the original job lead page before submitting an audition. The only improvement to this would be a larger font size too.

Anonymous said...

Yes, good improvements! The voice seeker should have a price in mind when he requests a talent, and my demo should satisfy his search with all these requests for custom demos.

Gord B said...

The budget with invite is great! huge time saver. All the other improvements especially letting the VS's know they will only get better results with a posted budget. this is better than blowing off every "TBD" invite i see, which is what i do now. How the hell can you bid when you don't know at least a range. I have my minimums but I like to be competitive.
I remember seeing a post somewhere concerning a summary each week which would show winning (anonymous) budgets for categories of jobs. Such as:
Jan 8-15 regional 30's went for $250-$400. Kinda like a commodities ticker for VO. We could be pricing ourselves out of a job or being cheap and easy. we need benchmarks!
ENOUGH! back to work.
Viv la revolution!
or something like that
Gord Brooks

peter sandon said...

Well done, but I think the people sending in projects with "to be defined" budgets should not be allowed to post them. We may all at some time do projects for free or below proper rates for personal reasons, but "to be defined" budgets show lack of proper business skills, or perhaps they are trying to con us. Please consider banning them.

paparod said...

Thank you so much Voice123!!! That slogan "to be defined" was getting to be such a drag! I personally feel that these new improvements will not only benefit the talent but the voice seekers as well

Anonymous said...

Excellent News and Efforts!!
All of your time and energy is very much appreciated.

Great news about the custom demos, It makes a lot of sense time wise...Proposals are not always opened,although talent have spent precious time to record and produce demos.

When clients review our online demos, then contact us personally for a custom demo, we also have the opportunity to open up dialogue about "style" or "direction", which is not always specified or well detailed by the voice seeker.

More info & details on job listings,and easier to read text are both a big help and wonderful tools! Thank you!

I often have a feeling when the job seekers posts "To be decided" that they are either not aware of what to pay, and are looking for rates coming in to give them an idea, or they are shopping for the cheapest offer.

At least when you see a price you can evaluate your interest prior to going through doing a demo and submitting it. This can really help when time is of the essence.

Love & Blessings
With Gratitude.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!!!

With direct contact from voice seeker and fewer "custom demos" randomly floating around out there, this may mean less likelihood of our "custom demo" being misused...

Masha said...

it'd be also good and save usmore time,if you'd include a language into the invitation.But anyway,thanks for what you'd alreay done.

Russian and Ukrainian voice over

The Voice123 Team said...

Thank you all for your continued support and feedback.

After one small glitch that some of you may have noticed, the "budget in invitation email" feature now works as a charm.

Regarding additional concern about the TBD budgets, we have more improvements coming soon, you will be surprised and will love a new feature currently under development...

We will post additional information soon.

Thanks again for all your comments.
Keep them coming...we are listening, and our job is to make you happy!!


The Voice123 Team