Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Rating System Improvement


Thanks to your feedback, we have found that some voice talents and producers were staying away from projects with budgets "To Be Defined", as they didn't want to get a bad rating just because of quoting a price that could be considered too high or too low by the voice seeker. We listened and took action.

We recently released a new feature that has the objective of reducing the chances that a voice seeker gives you a bad rating just because of the price you quoted. From now on, the first time a voice seeker rates an audition/proposal with one or two stars we show them a large message asking them if their decision was based on the quoted price. If so, we ask the voice seeker to delete the audition/proposal instead of rating it low. This message will be seen by voice seekers in projects with budget "To be defined".

We will also work on some additional changes that will urge voice seekers in defining budgets by making them aware that "To-be-defined" budgets discourage some great voice talents and producers from submitting auditions and proposals.

You can comment about this improvement below.

Thank you!

Voice123 - The Voice Marketplace
by Alex Torrenegra
Leader and Co-founder


Bob Souer said...


Thanks for this good information.

Be well,
Bob Souer

Anonymous said...

Do the talents ever see the ratings on their auditions?

michael ciulla said...

Good idea, thanks for your efforts in improving the service. As a voice talent, I tend to be less interested in projects with an undetermined rate because experienced professionals most often have a budget established and already are aware of what a 'legit' pro voice gets. While there are exceptions to every rule, a 'bidding war' will often be an indication of price taking priority over quality. Of course, this is part of the charm of Voice123 to
your talent seekers. Nonetheless, I often avoid them.

Mouse said...

I am very glad that this part of the system has been changed or improved. And I might add, how disconcerting it is, when you have submitted an audition and it doesn't even get opened or reviewed. That I find very annoying - but I just have to chalk it up to they have no clue what they are missing. As my audition might have been the voice they really were looking for, but since they did not open it they'll never know, and to think it might have been because I was probably giving a really great price, and maybe I am overlooked because of that? That's is just silly and insulting.

On the issue of rating the voice person, I really like that, as I am always above the average so that's great. I just wish others would at least open and give yours a listen, I mean I put in the time and effort, and submitted a fine product with the clients best interests in mind, and when they don't even review my submission, feel I have wasted my time, and my time is money just like anyone else in the biz.

Jean-Pierre said...

I think it's a very good move you've done. Personally, I avoid undetermined rates. I feel they are looking for the cheapest one and I dislike that feeling. Hope they will rather look for quality.

Larry Williams said...

Thanks for working to improve this. I would like to see "To be Defined" eliminated totally, and requiring the job poster to know what a realistic budget is for professional talent. I too have had many submissions that were never opened, suspecting it had to be because they were looking for the most "lowball" bid. Please consider requiring an amount be stated, which would force them to listen to more auditions and give more weight to the quality of the performance.

http://voice123.com said...

Thank you everyone for your comments. You will be seeing new developments and additional information useful for talents and voice producers.
"My Private Stats" is now beta, we will appreciate your feedback about this new feature via our regular Customer Service channels.