Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The New Voice123 Is Out

Hello All!

The new Voice123 has been released and the system brings tons of new features. Check out Voice123.com to see them for yourself. The most innovative feature is Voice123 SmartCast. Many talents have asked questions about it and how it will change their experience with Voice123. We have written this article, so that you’ll know what to expect.

Increased Audition to Booking Ratio
Voice123 SmartCast will, in most cases, increase the audition to booking ratio of talents and voice producers. The New Voice123 allows Voice Seekers to determine how many auditions/proposals they want. Voice123 SmartCast has been designed so that it will no longer be the quickest talents or voice producers who are able to audition, and then the limit is met. Instead, Voice123 SmartCast will invite the best matching talents first, and give them time to audition; invite a few more, give them time to audition; and so on, until the desired amount of auditions has been received. One of the factors we keep in mind is the amount of auditions the talents have been sending during the past six months (the counter starts July 7, 2007). If a talent has submitted less auditions/proposals, on average, than the other matching talents, he or she may be invited first.

Fewer, But Better Invitations
In order to increase the audition to booking ratio, the amount of auditions each talent can submit will, of course, decrease. If you properly tune up your profile, and submit well-written auditions and proposals, Voice123 SmartCast will invite you to the projects where you may have better chances of being hired.

A Fairer Marketplace
The Voice123 Marketplace had an issue. Twenty-four percent of talents and voice producers would submit 80% of the auditions to public projects. Why? There are many reasons: many talents do not work full time, other talents didn't like the fierce competition the old system allowed. Voice123 SmartCast will now give the chance to the many talents who didn't formerly submit auditions/proposals to public projects. Talents and voice producers that used to submit way more auditions/proposals than average will see a significant decrease in invitations.

Less Competition
During the past six months almost half of the projects posted looking for American-English voices, received more than 100 auditions/proposals. Many of them received more than 400. The new system will significantly reduce that amount and increase your chances of being heard and booked by the voice seeker whenever you submit an audition or proposal.

You Can Now Get Feedback
The New Voice123 allows you to know when your auditions/proposals have been opened and how the voice seeker rated them, along with all others, on the same projects. You can use this information to improve the auditions and proposals you submit. We are aware that one rating may not be fair, but, statistically speaking, if you constantly get good ratings, you can assume you are doing a good job. If, on the other hand, you constantly get bad ratings, then the New Voice123 may not be the place for you.
Voice123 SmartCast takes into account these ratings. Please note that SmartCast takes into account MANY factors. This is just one of them, and it is not the most important.

We Are Just Getting Started
Since we are VERY busy answering all of the questions our users have submitted, we have stopped most of our marketing efforts so that we can handle the volume of questions. This, of course, means that fewer projects than usual will be posted this week. We should resume all of our marketing efforts soon. Also, since Voice123 SmartCast invites talents systematically, it may take a few days for you to be invited to projects that have been posted.

As a Talent, How Do You Measure Your Success With Voice123?
If you are a talent or voice producer, your success with Voice123 should be measured in return of investment. If you get more $ than what you paid for your premium subscription, then you have a positive return of investment. This usually means getting jobs. The New Voice123 will better distribute the jobs that pass through it.

If you are measuring your success based on the amount of "leads" you get or the amount of auditions you submit, then the New Voice123, unfortunately, won't make you happy.

We Are Offering Pro-rated Refund to Talents and Voice Producers
We are confident in our system and in the fact that most people will benefit from it. If you are a Premium Subscriber that paid for your subscription before July 7th, and you think the New Voice123 is not the place for you, please let us know. We will issue a pro-rated refund.

Thank you all for your feedback, patience, and support. Thanks as well to all of you that are willing to give the New Voice123 a chance. We created it for you, and will continue to improve it for you.


Alex Torrenegra
Leader and Co-founder

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Alex!

I look foward to the future with Voice 123. Talents need to be aware that their best work needs to be always top rate.

No matter how long you have been in the bussiness, there will always be somone that will surprize you! Maby they sound like they could benifit from hormones or somthing. Like Casey kasem say's keep your feet on the ground, and keep looking to the stars.

Keith ALan Voice123 talent Tampa, Florida.