Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Las Vegas VOICE 2007 Recap,
by Alex Torrenegra.

VOICE 2007, the first conference dedicated to voice overs, was a huge success. Although this was the first event of its kind, it worked out extremely well. VOICE 2007 provided a venue for talents to learn, network, and have fun. Even Don LaFontaine was there!

The conference was, above all, about learning. Never before have I seen so many reputable voice over coaches in one room. The quality of the presentations was great. Of all the conferences I’ve attended, at Voice 2007 I saw more people engaged in the learning process. The reason? Great topics and great presenters. Topics ranged from the psychology behind reading scripts to building your own web site. Attendees even learned strategies to closing deals with potential clients.

Networking was very important as well at VOICE 2007. Many got to meet people face to face after years of having worked together over the phone. Many others were able to find new colleagues. There were, after all, more than 200 talents in attendance! Talents were also able to talk to key members of organizations like AFTRA and, of course, Voice123. Many tough questions were asked. Oh boy! Tell me about it! Yet, I was very intrigued while listening to rich and complex queries about the industry.

VOICE 2007 was also about having fun. I saw people laughing and smiling more than at any previous conference I’ve attended! Attendees had the chance to be in sessions hosted by voice over royalty, Don LaFontaine (3,000 movie trailers to his credit) and Bob Bergen (voice of Porky Pig and Tweety). The entire conference was full of memorable moments, so many that talents cried as the event came to an end.

Throughout all the sharing, learning, laughter, and tears, there was one bad thing that happened: the cigarette smoke in the casino. Although the conference rooms were smoke free, just crossing the casino to get to them was uncomfortable to many, either because they take great care of their voice, or because –as it is my case- they are used to living in smoke free environments like New York. The next VOICE event will be held in a different state, so this shouldn’t be an issue.

In summary, VOICE 2007 is an event that I would highly recommend to any voice over talent that can afford it. Thank you Frank, James, Penny, and all the other organizers, and thank you to all of the voice over talents that attended the event. You believed in a dream and it became a reality, better than expected. I am already looking forward to attending VOICE 2008!

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